Ground-Up Development Over REIT

June 25, 2019

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), a diversified pool of assets that give quarterly dividends as well as a long-term capital appreciation, make them appealing for an investment portfolio. But like most vehicles with high returns, they still carry additional risks that should be taken into consideration. From some standpoints, investing in ground-up real estate developments continues to be a less-stressful investment strategy; here is why.

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Real Estate Investing Compared to Equities

March 5, 2019

The standard advice for those who desire a long-term, positive return on their investment is to turn to the stock market while being prepared to weather its inevitable ups and downs. Historically, though, real estate has outperformed equities, according to a major study called “The Return on Everything” that spanned more than 140 years. When each asset was adjusted for inflation, and when all returns where included — instead of simply focusing on appreciation — residential real estate was the clear winner. In fact, it averaged more than seven percent per year with half from appreciation and a half from rental income.

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Smart Addition. Real Estate In Your Client’s Portfolio

March 1, 2019

Real estate investments provide stability in volatile markets and increase portfolios’ risk-adjusted returns. Institutional investors have known this for a long time and have taken advantage of real estate investment opportunities that were targeted to them. Now, new funds that are open to all investors provide individuals the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of investing in private real estate equity projects, benefits which are no longer reserved only for large institutional investors.

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