March 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Like so many of you, we are closely monitoring the global situation surrounding COVID-19. Through our relationships with government senior officials we have confirmed that a vast majority of people contracting the illness are not suffering serious health consequences when infected with the virus and that more drastic countermeasures are being put in place to secure the more elderly and at risk patients with pre-existing medical conditions.  The goal of the U.S. government is to set strict quarantines so that we do not overwhelm our healthcare system and have the required staff and caregivers to manage and help those in need. 

This is a unique time for all of us, and historical for the world, but we remain confident of the strategies that we have put in place, which are designed to keep us fully operational and not be materially affected by this situation. Our long-term horizon investments strategy does not react to temporary conditions and suspect that we may be seeing benefits from fallout such as the Federal Reserve’s reduction in rates, demand for hard assets such as real estate and confidence in companies with stability and a long-term growth approach.

Real estate continues to be a safe haven investment.  We have recently seen a spike in investments coming from China into U.S. real estate – furthering our confidence and realizing the strength of hard asset investing in the United States.  Participant Capital and its well-heeled team of professionals is positioned to take advantage of current conditions in the market.

 Rest assured while we are always focused on a return on your investment, we take preservation of your capital extremely seriously. Your Participant Capital team is now working remotely and can provide you with any assistance you may need.

We will make best efforts to maximize our efficiency and communication during this time while creating long-term wealth for your esteemed clients.

We appreciate your trust and patience. Take care of yourself and loved ones.


Daniel Kodsi
Chief Executive Officer
Participant Capital

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