April 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As the U.S. federal government and businesses turn their attention to restarting the economy and lifting stay-at-home restrictions, companies are deploying a range of tactics to defend their workforces from COVID-19 and safely reopen their offices. Several states have already begun this process.

At Participant Capital, we are preparing our team to return to our offices and resume safe operations, putting in place the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard to secure our employees and provide a safe work environment.

Some recommendations we have for returning to your offices:

Testing employees for the virus before they come to the office is a potential solution for businesses to limit the virus’s spread and better track the outbreak. We have encouraged our team to get tested, know their status, and limit the spread within the team and overall community.

We are also putting together an action plan in which we are focusing on maintaining:

  • An overall clean and sanitized workspace,
  • providing antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers,
  • distributing disinfecting wipes for desks and personal items, 
  • and personal protective gear for our employees.

During the disruption of COVID-19, we were able to maintain business continuity and 100% operational integrity thanks to our management and team efforts. Our global distribution team is making best efforts to maintain optimal productivity and providing you with any assistance you may need at this time. We hope your journey has not been too disruptive either.

We appreciate your trust and patience. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Claudio Izquierdo
Chief Operating Officer of Participant Capital

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