Our History

Our Roots

Participant Capital is borne out of our founder, Daniel Kodsi’s vision, to make mainstream development opportunities accessible to private investors. After a long career driving the growth of Royal Palm Companies to what it is today, one of the best known mixed-use, multifamily, and hospitality developers in the state of Florida, Dan set his sights on expanding the group's wealth management franchise with the establishment of Participant Capital. Today, Participant Capital can access the deal flow, development and project management expertise of the RPC team and others, while remaining independent and a fiduciary to its investors. To stay true to its fiduciary responsibilities, Participant Capital maintains the highest ethical standards.

Our Evolution

Participant’s principals have been managing third party capital investments in Real Estate for decades. Throughout its history, Participant has offered a broad array of real estate investment opportunities to financial advisors and direct investors. Participant entered the wealth management arena in 2011 when it was established to provide private investors with access to the investment opportunity in distressed real estate that had been created by the global financial crisis (GFC).  Between 2011 and 2015, Participant actively repositioned and developed real estate assets that had become dislocated by the GFC. During this period, Participant restructured over $500 million of real estate mortgages, and over 2000 single family homes for private investors. By 2015, Participant Capital was reinvesting its managed capital alongside institutional real estate investors in large-scale real estate developments. Capitalizing on the success of these programs, in 2017 Participant started the process of establishing domestic and international private real estate funds for individual investors.

Participant Today

Participant Capital Advisors, LLC is a registered investment adviser with domestic and offshore investment vehicles in the Cayman Islands, Latin America and Europe. Through these vehicles, sophisticated private investors can invest in a portfolio of mixed-use, multifamily and hospitality real estate development projects that is primarily focused on the State of Florida but also includes additional Sun Belt states and territories of the United States. Participant Capital fund investors capitalize on the real estate investment expertise of the Royal Palm Companies, investing alongside the group’s established institutional investor relationships.