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Target Markets & Property Types

Why invest in U.S. real estate?


With a GDP of over 20.81 trillion according to the 2020 International Monetary Fund estimates, the U.S. economy remains the world’s largest and continues to thrive in the wake of yet another global crisis. While other developed economies languish with an aging population, the U.S. economy is bolstered by strong economic fundamentals, moderate population growth and stable migration.

Changing Demographic Trends

In the U.S., a major southern migration is underway, brought on by a confluence of factors, including a versatile and increasingly remote workforce, an aging baby boomer population seeking to retire in tax-friendly warm environments and the rising affluence of millennials. This demographic shift has created a housing and hospitality shortage in the most desirable housing markets of Florida and the most tax-friendly U.S. jurisdiction, Puerto Rico.


Participating in the Future of Real Estate


The Participant Capital management team has a long history managing development projects in these markets. It enjoys exceptional access to real estate opportunities and large urban renewal projects such as the Miami Worldcenter. The Miami Worldcenter is on track to be the second-largest urban development in the United States. Participant Capital has participated in this project via its investment in the Legacy Hotel & Residences, an estimated $440 million RPC development project.

Separately, RPC developed the PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, a mixed-use residential building with the “most amenities in the world.” Today, Participant is allocating investment funds to the Grand Reserve Puerto Rico, a $3 billion project to develop a 946.3 acre peninsula in Puerto Rico.

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