Daniel Kodsi   |   Managing Principal | CEO
Daniel Kodsi is a real estate veteran who has successfully developed or repositioned over 6,000 units across mixed-use developments, multi-family, residential communities, and hospitality assets. Kodsi is CEO of PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors and Royal Palm Companies, a Miami-based development firm established in the 1970s, and the visionary behind PARAMOUNT Branded Developments, one of the leading luxury real estate brands in Florida. With close to $2 billion returned to investors and lenders, he brings a proven track record of identifying underserved market opportunities, executing complex large-scale projects, and generating value for private and institutional investors. Kodsi has been consistently credited with defining new neighborhoods and development trends and is regarded as an industry leader. Some of his most notable projects include the signature PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, West Palm Beach’s Esplanade Grande, and PARAMOUNT Bay in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood. Kodsi’s projects have attracted buyers from more than 50 different countries along with the leading financial and development partners in the global property market. Kodsi is a licensed general contractor and holds a BSBA in Real Estate Finance and a minor in Urban Planning and Architecture from the University of Miami.
Sergio Moises   |   Chief Investment Officer
Sergio Moises is the Chief Investment Officer of PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors and the Chief Financial Officer of Royal Palm Companies. He brings close to 20 years of experience in real estate including acquisition, development, management, and repositioning of more than 8,000 units across the United States. Moises has extensive expertise in financial modeling, cash flow forecasting, acquisitions, due diligence, financing, asset management, and financial reporting. From 2004 to 2011, Moises worked as an associate at J.I. Kislak and managed a portfolio of 4,000 multi-family units and participated on the acquisition and repositioning of 1,300 distressed multi-family and student housing units. In addition, he purchased $63 million (12,000+) in tax lien certificates for the state of Florida. In 2011, Moises joined Royal Palm Companies (RPC) and oversaw all operations in the repositioning of more than 800 non-performing mortgages and 1,500 single-family rentals across the South-East of the United States. More recently, Moises, has been responsible for the financial oversight of approximately $1B in ground-up development projects. Moises holds a Master’s in Finance from Florida International University and a degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia.
Claudio Izquierdo   |   Chief Operating Officer
Claudio Izquierdo’s rise through the ranks of the international investment and development space is no surprise. His early training in finance, comprehensive training and experience with brands like Morgan, UBS, and HSBC and language proficiency (Portuguese, Spanish and English) allowed him to swiftly build several successful businesses. As Chief Operating Officer at PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors, Izquierdo brings all of his international business acumen and expertise to bear, allowing for strategic growth in the global development and investment space. Izquierdo’s strong history of success with Latin American investors and high net worth individuals provides insight and authenticity for the PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors team.

As a senior level development professional, Izquierdo currently runs a successful marketing and wholesaling organization and provides insight and direction for PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors, one of South Florida’s largest and most successful developers. As a founder of several successful businesses, a Top 10 producer for the United States based HSBC securities and a financial advisor for select high net worth international clients, Claudio Izquierdo understands the needs and desires of this elite customer base.

A graduate of Florida International University, Izquierdo earned a degree in finance; his natural skill with language allowed him to swiftly begin applying his skills to several growing organizations. With an emphasis on Latin American investors and a strong commitment to supporting and exploring opportunity on an international basis, Izquierdo excels at increasing efficiencies and performance. His focus in the area of distribution and management products for an international clientele provides PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors and clients with unsurpassed insight and support for business development and growth. Izquierdo’s experience in Latin America, including stints working with leading brands in Argentina and Brazil allows him to provide actionable and insightful advice on international business development for PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors. He is a frequent contributor to a variety of trade and business publications and a sought out speaker and expert authority on international investment and management products.
Bernardo Lozano   |   Senior Director of Global Distribution
Andres Valdivieso   |   Director of Global Distribution
Nicolas Cuello   |   Global Distribution Associate
Karen Malkun   |   Global Distribution Associate
Paula Maccari   |   Sales Support Representative
Important Information

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Investing in the Partnership involves significant risks not associated with other investment vehicles and is suitable only for persons of adequate financial means who have no need for liquidity. There can be no assurances or guarantees that: (i) the Partnership’s investment strategy will prove successful, or (ii) investors will not lose all or a portion of their investment in the Partnership.

There is no secondary market in Interests and none is expected to develop. Interests may not be transferred or resold and an investor does not have a right to redeem Interests except as permitted only with the written consent of the General Partner and under applicable federal and state securities laws. Investors should be aware that they will be required to bear the financial risks of this investment for the entire term of the Partnership, which is a minimum of five years with the option to renew twice for 1yr intervals.

An investor should consider the Partnership as a supplement to an overall investment program and should only invest if willing to undertake the risks involved. Investors who are subject to income tax should be aware that an investment in the Partnership is likely (if the Partnership is successful) to create taxable income or tax liabilities in excess of cash distributions to pay such liabilities.

There is no guarantee of future performance. The Partnership has no previous operating history and will be entirely dependent on the abilities of the General Partner and Manager. There can be no assurance that either investment-level or Partnership-level targeted returns will be realized or that periodic distributions will be made.

The Fund’s Investments will be subject to the risks inherent in investments in and / or ownership in real estate assets. These risks include, but are not limited to, the burdens of ownership of real property, adverse changes to general and local economic conditions, the supply and demand for properties, fluctuations in occupancy and rates, the financial resources of tenants, changes in environmental and other laws and other variables as outlined in the PPM. The Partnership’s investments may also be adversely affected if the property managers employed by the Partnership perform inadequately or are not adequately supervised by the Partnership.

Because the Partnership may participate in a limited number of Investments, the aggregate Partnership returns may be adversely affected by the unfavorable performance of even a single Investment. In addition, the diversification of the Partnership’s Investments could be even further limited to the extent the Partnership invests a significant portion of its capital in a transaction and is unsuccessful in selling of that Investment. The real estate market can be relatively illiquid at times, which may limit the ability of the Partnership to sell of an asset.